Dental Hygiene

It is possible to rejoice beautiful and healthy smile for a long time if a patient properly maintains their teeth and regularly visits the dentist for a routine check-up and professional oral hygiene.

At Lebanon Park Dental Group, we recommend dental hygiene appointments at least every six months with one of our friendly and professional hygienists. Playing a critical part in decreasing your oral health problems, your dental hygiene appointment will consist of the following:

Gentle but thorough cleaning of your teeth to eliminate the build-up of harmful plaque
Removal of odour-causing bacteria for a clean breath
Air polish to get rid of any mild stains for a glowing smile
Soft tissue assessments to ensure healthy gums
• Advice on how to correctly brush and floss your teeth

Dental Hygienist

We recommend dental hygiene appointments at least every six months

Emergency Call

Emergency Call
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Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a procedure involved in dental care


Andrew Cook

Lebanon Park Dental is a lovely dental practice that has friendly hygienists and dental nurses working there. They are very caring and they are also very affordable. The staff are very caring and they are very accommodating. They provide emergency appointments so it is very easy to get an appointment when you have an emergency.