Advanced Intraoral Scanning

In the earlier days, experts had to use materials such as silicone and impregum to take dental impressions. These methods were not only laborious but also prone to errors. With the development of computer technologies, intraoral scanning came into the picture. Thanks to this, dentists no longer have to rely on outdated methods and get accurate impressions in no time!

How Does Intraoral Scanning Work?

The procedure of intraoral scanning relies on 3 components – a handheld device which has an in-built camera, software that supports this system, and a computer to view the captured data. Once inserted in the mouth, the dentist gently glides the camera wand over the oral areas. The wand sends images to the computer which can be viewed through the specialised software.

Benefits of Intraoral Scanning:

❇️ Reduced duration – quick and easy procedure

❇️ Comfortable for both patients and dentists

❇️ Error-free impressions

❇️ Efficient chairside experience 

Cameo Elegant 3 Intraoral Scanners 

At Lebanon Park Dental Group, we believe in nothing but the best! This is why our dentists utilise the AI-powered technology of Cameo Elegant 3 Intraoral Scanners by Aidite. With a host of powerful features and cutting-edge technology, these scanners are a cut above the rest.

Powerful Digital Diagnosis

Cameo Elegant 3 intraoral scanners are equipped with advanced technology that lets dentists get accurate 3-D impressions of your mouth. While there are many professional intraoral scanning devices available today, Cameo 3 provides 30% faster scans! Not just that, it comes with a host of next-gen attributes that assist in digital dentistry.

Features of Cameo Elegant 3:

❇️ Anti-fogging automation

❇️ Motion-sensing technology

❇️ User-friendly design

❇️ Single-button control

Thanks to its longer scan tip and powerful set of algorithms in the back-end, this intraoral scanner provides much greater scan depth for multiple clinical needs.


Why Do We Rely on Cameo 3’s Intraoral Scanning Technology? 

Lebanon Park Dental Group prides itself on state-of-the-art technologies that provide exceptional results for patients. Intraoral scanning is one of the best ways to improve our efficiency and foster a smooth patient experience

Flawless Scanning 

Sought-after design and sharp features ensure that the scanning experience is as smooth as it gets. Intelligent data sharing between the wand and the computer help process the data in real-time, letting the dentist look at oral impressions quickly. The algorithm is smart enough to weed out irrelevant data, such as soft tissue.

Improved Collaboration 

It is not just the in-house experience that Cameo 3’s intraoral scanning improves, but also the dentist-technician cooperation. With the built-in cloud computing system, the dentist can share data with dental labs effortlessly. There is no need for email or phone calls – one click and it’s done through the digital dental cloud platform!

Wide Application 

Cameo 3’s intraoral scanning is not limited to orthodontics. There is a vast range of 3-D scanning applications. Whether it is veneers, implants or restorations, intraoral scanning is our dentists’ best friend. Countless patients have benefited from modern pediatric dental care and same-day restorations at our clinics, thanks to futuristic intraoral scanning and expert dentists.

Ready to Benefit from Our Advanced Intraoral Technology?

Intraoral scanners have already come a long way since their inception in the dental world. With robust scanning capabilities, seamless data transfers and unmatched accuracy, Cameo 3 takes the game to a whole new level.

At the Lebanon Park Dental Group, it is our mission to make the world a better place, one smile at a time! With a team of highly experienced and industry-affiliated dentists, we have become the trusted dental service provider for hundreds of patients in London.

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Advanced Intraoral Scanning in Twickenham